Plant protection

Our commitment in two zones

Our site is strategically divided into two distinct areas, the blue zone and the red zone, to ensure the safety and efficiency of our operations. This division allows us to avoid the risks of cross-contamination and thus meet your very stringent specifications on this matter.

Blue zone: Diversity and safety

Our specialties:In the blue zone, comprising buildings D, E, and A, we package fungicides, insecticides, adjuvants, bio-stimulants, and organic agriculture products.

Packaging processes and facilities

Our blue zone is equipped with several packaging workshops, each dedicated to a specific type of product:

Liquid packaging line for containers ranging from 100 ml to 25 L.

Small and large packaging lines for powders and WG, ranging from 100g to 25 Kg.

A line dedicated to the packaging of organic agriculture products, for formats from 5Kg to 25 kg.

Materials and environmental management

We ensure that all packaging and raw materials (RM) remain exclusively in the blue zone. Each area has its own washing area, thus avoiding any transfer of materials between zones. Contaminated water and used packaging are securely stored in the red zone before removal by an approved organization.

Red zone: Focus on herbicides

Our specialties: In the red zone, consisting of buildings H and C, we focus our efforts on packaging herbicides and growth regulators. This strict separation from the blue zone avoids any risk of cross-contamination with the products of the latter.

Facilities and processes of the red zone

The red zone also has diversified packaging lines:

Liquid packaging line, from 100 ml to 25 L.

Small and large packaging lines for powders and WG, ranging from 100g to 25 Kg.

Environmental commitment and safety

Just like in the blue zone, packaging and RM of the red zone are stored only in that area. We ensure the cleanliness of our facilities with dedicated washing areas and management of contaminated waste by an approved organization.


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