Didier Varenne Laboratory: 70 years of expertise at your service

A family commitment to industrial subcontracting

For over 70 years, SARL Didier Varenne Laboratory has specialized in industrial subcontracting activities. Our expertise has been dedicated for decades to satisfying all our clients.

Our subcontracting activities

For your products

Diverse services at the heart of our expertise

Our clients, being the focus of our business, entrust us with the handling of their specialties. We intervene at various stages, whether during the development of a specialty or to complete a production cycle, in order to deliver a finished product that meets expectations. Our services include blending, packaging, re-packaging/transfer/pre-weighing operations, lump breaking, grinding, sieving, as well as logistics and storage management. This diversity of services demonstrates our ability to meet a wide range of industrial needs.

Infrastructure and safety: Our priorities

Our site, which has a prefectural authorization, is established on a vast 16,000 m² plot, including 4,000 m² of buildings constructed with total containment. Equipped with a fire reserve, retention basins, and containment areas, we ensure maximum safety, demonstrating our commitment to environmental protection and compliance with safety standards.

A factory organized for excellence

The Didier Varenne Laboratory factory is strategically organized into several zones, with autonomous buildings divided into partitioned workshops. This organization ensures the integrity of products during mixing and packaging operations. Additionally, certain workshops and equipment can be dedicated to specific activities or clients, highlighting our flexibility and commitment to meeting the specific needs of each client.

Specialized zones for enhanced performance

We have divided the company into 3 main zones for an effective physical separation of activities.

Building B

Dedicated to oenological specialties with a HACCP plan in place.

Buildings H and C

Classified in the red zone for agrochemical specialties, such as herbicides and growth regulators.

Buildings A, D/E

Classified in the blue zone for other agrochemical products like fungicides, insecticides, fertilizers, and neutral adjuvants


Plant overview

Vus d'ensemble de l'usine du Laboratoire Didier Varenne

Red zone

Red zone


Blue zone

Blue zone

Blue zone



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"Leading Didier Varenne Laboratory is to continue a family expertise spanning several decades for excellence in industrial subcontracting, ensuring that each project reflects our commitment to quality and and customer satisfaction".

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