ACTIVE logistics

Optimization and efficiency at the core of our services

Management of finished product shipment: reliability and speed

At Didier Varenne Laboratory, we understand the critical importance of logistics in our clients' value chain. That's why we pride ourselves on managing the shipment of your finished products with utmost efficiency. Our substantial storage capacity is a significant asset, enabling us to ensure the quick and secure delivery of your products, regardless of their destination.

A complete transit service: Sampling and transfer

In addition to shipment management, we offer a complete transit service. This service includes :

Entrepôt Laboratoire Didier Varenne pour la logistique active

Precise sampling

We handle the sampling of your products to ensure their compliance with the required standards.

Transfer to new packaging:

Our expertise extends to transferring your products into new packaging.

Every step of the logistics process is designed to maximize our clients’ satisfaction. We work closely with you to understand and meet your specific logistics needs, ensuring a smooth, reliable, and personalized service.


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