Formulation of powdered, granulated, and liquid products

Specialized workshops for custom formulation

At Didier Varenne Laboratory, we offer you specialized formulation workshops, designed to meet all your needs in powdered, granulated, and liquid products. Each area of our laboratory is equipped to handle your specialties, thus ensuring maximum quality and efficiency.

Formulation de produits au Laboratoire Didier Varenne
Phase de formulation de produits

Advanced equipment for optimal quality

In our commitment to providing quality services, our workshops are equipped with:

Mixers of all types:

Gondard, Vidax, Nautamix, known for their efficiency and reliability.

A stirred tank:

Designed to ensure a homogeneous mix of your specialties.

A lump breaker, a grinder, a sieve:

Allowing for precise granulometry tailored to your needs.


Essential for ensuring the stability and uniformity of your formulations.

A rigorous procedure for total satisfaction

Our service goes beyond just providing equipment. It is based on strict internal procedures that incorporate the specific requirements of each client. This personalized approach includes:

Machine de formulation Laboratoire Didier Varenne

Meticulous sampling:

Ensuring the compliance of each batch produced.

Laboratory analysis:

We send your specialties to an analysis laboratory to guarantee their conformity with the highest standards.

At Didier Varenne Laboratory, we understand the importance of adhering to your specifications in the formulation of your products. Our team is at your disposal to make each of your projects a success.


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