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Innovative packaging solutions for your products

Precision automatic bagging

At Didier Varenne Laboratory, we use an automatic bagging machine from Schmucker, specifically designed for packaging your powder or liquid products. This highly precise machine uses a film roll to create packaging ranging from 5 to 50 grams in capacity. Its technology ensures quality and uniformity for each package.

Semi-automatic liquid filling for maximum flexibility

We also have semi-automatic liquid fillers from the brands SERAC/NOVA. These equipments are suitable for packaging sizes from 100 ml to 25 L, offering great flexibility to meet your specific needs, whether for small or large volumes.

Semi-automatic dosing machines

For the packaging of powders and WG, we use semi-automatic dosing machines from the brand MOM, perfectly adapted for quantities ranging from 100g to 10 kg. This technology allows us to guarantee impeccable precision and consistency in the dosing of your products.

In-line packaging integration for increased efficiency

Our entire packaging equipment is integrated into packaging lines including :

Automatic labeling machines :

Suitable for jerrycans, round bottles, and buckets, ensuring precise and aesthetically pleasing labeling.

Crimpers :

Used for the secure sealing of caps.

Heat sealers:

For the hermetic sealing of your jerrycans or bottles with a lid.

PE Bag sealers

Ensuring a reliable closure of your bags.

These semi-automatic equipments offer exemplary cleanliness, great flexibility of use, and quick execution of orders, thus ensuring optimal efficiency and consistent quality.

Our goal is to provide packaging solutions that perfectly meet your expectations in terms of quality, efficiency, and flexibility.


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